Labour certification


Labour certification

Employers who hire temporary staff, companies who outsource work or hiring agencies all need to comply to standards that offer companies and individuals greater protection against fraud and illegality. Easy2certify will assist certification bodies with their job certifying against these standards. These standards include requirements for checking and assessing any company that provides workers for the purpose of working under the supervision or direction of a third party and for testing and assessing any contractor or subcontractor in order to determine that they are organised in such a way that it may be safely assumed that obligations from employment are complied with.




We provide tooling for the complete certification process – meeting the requirements in the sector of labour certification. Some of our labour certification types we support with easy2certify:
– Standard that set requirements for temporary work businesses.
– Standards for contractors of work, including subcontractors.
– Housing standard for migrant workers.
– Standards for labour chain constructions – combat misuse of chain constructions.
– Standards for Private Employment Agencies
– Standards for Safety Health and the Environment (SHE)

Easy2Certify is the most comprehensive product in the market when it comes to certification based on Labour related standards.



Easy2certify is a modular system. The complete set of modules provide the most rich set of functionalities in the market. Every module is designed to be compliant to the ISO17020 standard. The software is hosted in 3 redundant datacenters to secure best in class business continuity. Pricing for the basic module starts at €90 /user/month for a minimum team of 5 persons.


Audits concerning labour are of the most complex. There are areas of law and regulation that are quite different in each country, There are aspects of the “collective employment agreement” that differ in each vertical market. Almost all departments in the organisation are involved since labour is everywhere. And yet it is expected that one auditor can do the job in as little time is possible. Sometimes the audits have to be performed in remote areas with no cell phone connection lets stand wifi. How can a software-tool be able to re-leave the burden?

Top teams configured easy2certify with comprehensive audit work programs. They accomplished substantial time reduction and quality improvements per audit. By gathering the knowledge of the senior auditors. A knowledge-base is one fingertip away. Automated checks make sure no mistakes are made. Contradicting findings are alarmed. Now even a fresh junior auditor can perform the audit, freeing up space for senior auditors to do more reviews and assisting the youngsters to grow there performance.




Certificate Description Country
Certification according to standard NEN 4400-1 or NEN 4400-2 and registered in the Labour Standards Register (Register Normering Arbeid) offers greater protection against fraud and illegality
NBBU As a European Citizen you are allowed to work in the European Union, however each country has different regulations concerning employement contracts. Netherlands
ABU Certification standard from the industry association for private employment agencies Netherlands

Certificate Description Country
SNF Certifiction against the Foundation for flexible housing standards, or SNF Netherlands
WAS Law that intendeds to prevent employees being underpaid, in particular in so-called chain constructions Netherlands
SHE Certification against Safety Health and the Environment (SHE) conducted by VCA / VCU World-wide