Information Security


Information Security

Organizations that deliver IT services or handle information that needs to be protected have to be compliant to standards in order to guarantee the integrity of data. Easy2certify can be supplied with a security module that contains ISO 27001, PCI and other security standards for all kind of sectors. In the security certification market (cost)efficiency is key. Easy2certify will assist certification bodies with their job certifying against these standards. Clients are able to prepare the audit by performing self-assessment against these standards.




We provide tooling for the complete certification process – meeting the requirements in the
security certification. Some of our security standards and/or certification types we support
with easy2certify:
– Standard that set requirements information security ISO 27001.
– Standards that set requirements of industry specific eg for hospitals ISO 7510.
– Standards for merchants (credit card transactions) PCI.
– Standards for Service Providers (Cobit, ISO and PCI).
– Standards for data privacy (GDPR)
– And many more combinations of standards, branches and certifications

Easy2Certify is the most comprehensive product in the market when it comes to certification based on IT security standards.


Easy2certify is a modular system. The complete set of modules provide the most rich set of functionalities in the market. Every module is designed to be compliant to the ISO17020 standard. The software is hosted in 3 redundant datacenters to secure best in class business continuity. Pricing for the basic module starts at €90 /user/month for a minimum team of 5 persons.


Certification body: With the start of easy2certify module we have realized our goals in terms of efficiency, do more in less time and in timeliness, optimize the planning to meet client deadlines. The full-service concept of our company is fully automated by easy2certify which has led to lower costs, client intimacy, high first time right and optimized planning. The business case to start with easy2ceretify has been realized within 3 months.

Client: When our certification partner started with easy2certify we got our own personal portal. We can perform a self assessment that leads to 1) predictable-audit results 2) online certification file. The auditor can access the files and use it in full in his audit. This makes the audit itself a predictable & efficient process. If we have a corrective action plan, the outstanding issues are addressed and monitored in our personal portal. Our auditor is as up to date as we are which makes communication and certification easy.




Certificate Description  Country
ISO/IEC 27001 Is the best-known standard providing requirements for an information security management system (ISMS) Global
NEN 7510 To ensure that medical data is stored and handled securely in the healthcare industry Netherlands
GDPR GDPR has the intend to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals. European Union

Certificate Description Country
BDSG German data protection law aligned with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Germany
DPA The Data Protection Act controls how your personal information is used by organisations, businesses or the government UK
CoBIT IT-controls of which part is about information security Global