Agriculture & Food certification

Easy2certify can be supplied with a module for certification of the standards in the agriculture and food sector. It is easy for certification bodies to certify a series of services throughout the entire food cycle, including the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors (from farm to fork).




We provide tooling for all the certification-requirements in your sector. Some of our agriculture and food solutions we support from easy2certify:
– Food safety & quality management system certification
– Chain of custody certification (MSC-RSPO)
– Supplier auditing
– Supply chain analysis
– Soil investigation

Easy2Certify is a market leader when it comes to certification based on standards such as GlobalG.A.P. (IFAv5), BRC & IFS Food Safety Certification.


Easy2certify is a modular system. The complete set of modules provide the most rich set of functionalities in the market. Every module is designed to be compliant to the ISO17020 standard. The software is hosted in 3 redundant datacenters to secure best in class business continuity. Pricing for the basic module starts at €90 /user/month for a minimum team of 5 persons.


With the implementation of easy2certify agriculture & food certification we created great customer intimacy. From the start of the online registration and maintenance of certification relevant information (crops and locations) till the client specific portals with personal progress data. Easy2certify covers the complete process. From now on, the corrective action plans are automatically being created and monitored and are reports and certificates automatically uploaded to the personalized portal.

The planning of the auditors is done with the advanced planning module. Routes, competence, client preferences and many more aspects are taken in to account to optimize the planning. Auditors have all the necessary information directly on hand in scheduler. Historical data is accessible on a press of button when online and even off-line.

The end of audit letter is printed on site which comprehends all relevant data related to the audit (extra hours, CAP information, discount). When our auditors finalize the audit onsite all relevant information for approval for finalizing the audit and invoice is settled at the end of every visit. Automated interfaces to scheme owners like GlobalG.A.P. and BRC ensures completeness of our own administration.

We have realized not only a very efficient and effective process, we also have won a great deal of trust and services towards our valuable clients.

Director, certification body Europe

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Certificate Description Country
GlobalG.A.P.  Voluntary standards for the certification of agricultural products around the globe Global
BRC Global Standard-Food Safety  Standardisation of quality, safety and operational criteria and ensure that manufacturers fulfil their legal obligations and provide protection for the end consumer Global
Food safety standards Global
DIN EN 45011  General requirements for bodies operating product certification systems Global

Certificate Description Country
IFA v5 Integrated Farm Assurance Standard (IFA) Version 5 Global
ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems ISO’s food safety management standards help organizations identify and control food safety hazards Global
 ISO/IEC 17021 The standard assessed by accreditation bodies to assure the competence and rigour of accredited certification Global
And yours  We can adapt new standards in a blink of an eye. Share us your local or global certification challenges.