The only truly integrated system for certification.
All the tools you need in one platform.
Made to ease your work!

EASY2CERTIFY supports the complete certification and inspection journey from the first sales request, up-to your customer’s improvement plan.


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Manage leads, contacts, organisations, partners and suppliers. While you see everything from background, email history, events, projects or opportunities.

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Optimize use of resources, while reducing waist of time, overhead and travel. Prepare schedules, routes and calendars up to multiple years ahead.


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Auditing & Inspecting
Easily build and save audits. At the same time standardise and build audit plans based on performance. Identify non-compliance in a consistent way.


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Easy Admin
Manage all the processes and functionality while in one environment ensures efficiency and consistency and reduced waist of precious time.


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Using the information from one source you can rest asure that all your invoices can be produced and sent complete, correct while timely.

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Key Integrations
Integration with all functions: mail, documents, auditing certifications, even recruitment are all part of the same system thus preventing faults.

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No more paperwork while combining existing data and new results. In addition automated layouts and additional data are ready on the fly.

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Corrective Actions
Based on audits and inspections of course corrective actions must be taken. Also they must be registered and stay available for later review.

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Customer Portal
Easily build and save layouts using a drag & drop page builder. Also create unlimited layouts for all your posts or pages with just a few clicks.

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Document Management
The certification and inspection business is a document business thus easy storage, retreving and sharing is key.

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People are the key to audits and finding the best people is key to getting the best planning and results. Therefore we integrated that part in the system too.

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Competence Management
Match people with the right jobs. Because assignments based on experience and competence leads to the best results and best employability.