Certification Planning Software

Certification Planning Software

The Certification Planning Software optimizes the Human Recourse Management.
It is a complete HR system incorporated in the base of the Certification Software.

Continuous interaction with clients, as in the certifications and inspection business, requires a thorough planning of resources. Specialized people are valuable resources and should not be idle more then needed. An integrated  planning solves this and has many more advantages:

Well planned resources, human resources included, will help you to optimize and asses the utilization of the entire pool per period. Work load can be managed and planned. Working with internal and external people will enable you to prevent over-planning and unplanned outsourcing. Having people on the bench can be minimized and even last minute appointments can be made, keeping into account travel time and place.

2Conflict resolution
Conflicts of resources, planning people at two places at the same time or planning one person on two locations will not only lead to unhappy customers and colleagues but also to high costs. New appointments have to be made; disrupting planning on both sides or worse: missing deadlines for certifications with irreversible problems and so on. Conflicts by rescheduling or double booking should be notified immediately and easily resolved.

3Project delivery
Projects that run smoothly and according to plan are beneficial to all people involved. It will impact revenue, client satisfaction and employability. Visibility of status, By steering on resource skills, experience, knowledge and location you can identify and plan the right person and deliver each project, small or bigger in due time and according to plan.

4Reduced administration costs
Managing planning by hand with excel sheets or similar will be open to errors and being independent from your other data it requires double entry and thus costs. Updating is often done irregular and even worse: most spreadsheets are shared and become unsynced from the original source leading to problems that needs to be solved manually and people that are unhappy.

There is only one solution to this: integrated planning, using a single source of data that is continuously up to date.  It will prevent missed revenue, negative impact on people and reputation. Integrated planning puts planning at your fingertips and it will become an integral part of the customer journey.