Certification CRM Software

The Certification CRM Software incorporates the CRM is every step of the Certification Process.
Add a prospect once, use it throughout the whole process.
The CRM Software uses real-time data for the most up-to-date relations.

A full view of your business is needed to allow all parts to work together in an efficient way. If the complete workflow can rely on the same data it will bring your internal an external processes in sync. A CRM system encompassed all fases in CRM (short for Customer Relationship Management). Having an integrated CRM system makes it work.

1Why do I need a CRM?
There are countless reasons to adopt a CRM system (or CRM). A CRM can help you to automate client related activities and share data, but is also an effective way to create a complete customer experience-cloud with real-time data. As technology progresses the question is not if you should use one but rather if you can find one that integrates into your daily operations. Even if  you think you don’t need one, you are carrying out some sort of Customer Relationship Management; for example by storing customer data in your computer or smart phone. Embracing a true CRM system for your organization can be done for many or all of below reasons:

All processes involved making use of the same data will lead to efficiency. No more faults by duplicate data, no more wasting time on double entry, forgetting tasks and calls, losing paper and so on. Data leaks between people in the field, planning and cash collection for example can lead to irreversible problems.

Integrated business processes are prone to having many people working on the same customer. Sales, planning, administration and perhaps many more can have an always-up-to-date view on the customer they are working for at that moment. If they make changes it is clear where the changes are coming from. Finger pointing is not needed, results count.

4Complete customer view
As many people are working on many different tasks, a CRM is the only possible way to have a complete view on the customers data, progress of certifications and inspections, planning and more.

5Scalable and exponential productive
People are key to carrying out certifications but many tasks can be automated by using existing data. Processes that have been used before can be re-used preventing the wheel to be invented over and over again.

6Customer engagement
As technology permits clients to work in the same system too, with many safety features to keep data integrity, a lot of data can be added, updated and shared by them without manual intervention by you.

7Integrated or not?
Any CRM that is not integrated in your daily operations and systems will finally fail. People need to have the data for their piece of the workflow and therefor it will optimize your business processes. The alternative is copying data, manually adding reminders, sending mail without storing it under the right client and so on.

Especially in the certification and inspection world there is such an enormous amount of data that faults will occur eventually. Sometimes simple mistakes, sometimes data corruption by having the same data in two places without versions being synchronized.

Therefor all tasks in the process should rely on the same data and thus one system. Including a CRM.