Certification Auditing Software

Certification Auditing Software

Certification Auditing Software helps with the Accreditation, Certification and Inspection of any norm.
Ranging from ISO9001 to GlobalG.A.P to Asbestos.
All standards can be incorporated.

Auditing is the core of any certification or inspection Body and therefor leading in many ways. But the organization needs to carry out other supporting tasks too. And also here, the strength is in the weakest link.

Starting at the very hart; this is what will enable you to carry out your business and therefor it should be top notch. Coming from the CRG business this is were our roots are. We enable all the aspects of auditing you will need; we cover the whole certification process, there are no loose ends.  A few examples:

1Build in Intelligence
As we keep everything in one secure database there are many auditing aspects that will enhance quality and efficiency. We enable dynamic and conditional questions with additional information and context relevant text boxes. All customer data is pre-filled and information on previous audits is available for quick reference. During audits the reviewer can make personal notes to add value.

2Solid solution
No more tailor-to-fit software that will exceed any cost expectations or lead to incompatible solutions. However, EASY2CERTIFY is flexible and easy to configure, you will not need any coding to set up auditing.

3Different roles
We have build in advanced user management; different roles and authorizations can be set to fit you internal structure.

4Online and offline
Audits can be carried out online on any device or offline on the same devices; so even in difficult and unexpected conditions you can do the job. Remote monitoring and support is possible to consults colleagues without having to to pause a job.

The audit can automatically be pushed to the review phase. During review the most problems are to be found around the need for changes and manual actions. We have added all the features you may want to have including automated process and storing of results, digital signatures, status and management reporting and many more.