Certification Administration Software

Certification Administration Software

The Certification Administration Software is a Document Management System.
With automatically created Audit plan and Certification Reports there is no more room for error.

1EASY2CERTIFY offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that streamlines the workflow of certification and inspection bodies. A key advantage of this integration is that complex administration, inherent to this type of business can be automated to a large extend. Administration from sales through to the back office.

2Growing complexity
Managing operations is supported by all kind of systems. When organizations grow they will need more systems and a natural path is leading to siloed systems. All functions start small with dedicated software. This works for the short term but on the long run it will prevent you from growing and keeping up with the market conditions as it results in process inefficiencies and integration challenges. To keep pace with the changing world it is essential to have a single database and integrated business systems. The advantages are clear:

3Process efficiency
From sales to fulfillment, reporting and invoicing, cash collection and consolidation, to pick a few vital ones, data is produced, stored en shared. A fully automated system removes the disadvantages of managing this nightmare. It will save you from new hires and allows current staff to focus on the important parts of their work. It will increase efficiency and cuts processing time often by 50% or more.

4Improve visibility
Making informed decisions fully depends on real-time visibility. Our integrated system provides instantly up-to-date accessible data, available everywhere without the need to use different sources or manually move data from one stage to the next. So auditors for example can prepare audits based on data entered during the sales process and previous audits.

5IT savings
The cost of IT is often hidden in many parts of the organization. Not only staff, licenses and hardware are IT costs. Also entering double data, checking, correcting and storing it in many places with or without version control is costing you money. Preventing you from buying, installing and managing many systems you can realize a significant reduction in IT costs by implementing the first business wide solution for certification and inspection.

6Growth potential
Often efficiency is counted in costs or cost savings. But growth and upside potential are other sides of the same coin. By removing hurdles like location, accessibility and corrupt data your growth potential, upsell and cross-sell potential will increase too.