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Easy2Certify builds TIC Software; Testing Software, Inspection Software & Certification Software. The ideal solution for Certification, Inspection and Accreditation bodies. CRM, planning software, auditing software and invoicing; all in one affordable package.


EASY2CERTIFY Is the one and only end-to-end solution for the certification and inspection industry. EASY2CERTIFY is an inspection tool and certification tool your team will actually enjoy using. It makes it fun and easy for everyone to collaborate, focus on what’s important, and get more done at work. It’s the first visual tool of its kind and shows you exactly where things stand in a single glance.

One End-To-End Solution Certification Software
One Source Certification Software


One source of data ensures that all processes are using the same information. Therefor reducing data entry, eliminating misplaced sources and lost paper files.

Every step in the workflow can be completed automatically if resources permit. Documents are centrally stored, managed and made available to every participant.


Reporting is a vital task and can be very time consuming. Using EASY2CERTIFY makes it a breeze. Historical information is added automatically, new data is centrally stored and compiling reports is done automatically to a large extent.

Faults are reduced by combining the existing data with the workflow that is automatically produced including audit trail.

Integrated Reporting certification software
Easy Planning Certification Software


Manual planning can be a nightmare. EASY2CERTIFY saves time and will prevent errors by eliminating many manual steps. Human capacity will be optimized due to employing the right person to the right job at the right place and time.

EASY2CERTIFY integrates seamlessly with your Google and Microsoft applications.


With EASY2CERTIFY we will guarantee 24/7 uptime, optimal security and updates, enabling you to take care of your business. With EASY2CERTIFY you can focus on your primary processes and together with our experience in your market we ensures a bespoke and safe experience.

On top we deliver many tools you will need to integrate the secondary processes. For example capacity hiring, invoicing and your accreditation are part of the solution.

Manageable Processes Certification Software
Easy Onboarding Certification Software


Implementing new solutions can be painful, unless these solutions exactly meet your needs. This tailor-made end-to-end solution has been developed for certifying and inspection bodies.

Our implementations range from teams with dozens of users to over 2,000 people in one entity. Together with our on site support we guarantee that implementing EASY2CERTIFY will be successful.


Multiple factor authentication

Use your smartphone to get access to the application or login with your Google or MS active directory account. All actions are logged (full audit trail).

Time sheets

With the easy app your can automate your time sheets. Select a client and clock your time. All data is logged in easy2certify.

Your jobs at hand

All your certifications and inspections in a easy app. You can directly see where you have to go, who’s your contact, and what job is to be done, and what has been done in the past.

Easy Badge Certification Software
Your digital identity

In the easy app all your credentials and personal diplomas are stored. Your documents and diplomas can be validated by scanning a QR-code.

Authorisation check

Check with your easy app if someone is entitled to work on a project. Every check is logged in order to proof you checked persons authorisation.

Your customers

Customer can also donwload the app. Either for their personal certification or for access to their companies or personal portal.

At last. An agile out-of-the-box Certification and Inspection platform isn’t an empty promise.

Legacy Data Certification Software

1. Legacy data

Your legacy data won’t be lost! Keeping in mind you’re obligated to store certification data for a certain period, your legacy data will be converted into your brand-new easy2certify system.

Configure Certification Software

2. Configure

All your processes, certification schemes and document templates will be configured in easy2certify. You can do the job. All out-of-the-box, without the need to program coding.

Sandbox Certification Software

3. Sandbox

When the system is configured, a start is made on small scale to see if practice meets theory. The sandbox environment will run in parallel with your operational platform.

Go Live Certification Software

4. Go-live

It’s an exiting period going live with a new system. Our team members know this. We will assign a team that will assist you to make the introduction of easy2certify a superb experience.


With EASY2CERTIFY your data is safe and secure. All our data centres fulfil the highest standards on business continuity and are ISO27001 compliant. The full-redundant 24/7 operations ensures your business continuity.


EASY2CERTIFY is a new platfom build on the latest technology. Continuous development will make sure this is the best platform right now and for years to come. You’ll be part of the innovators in Certification and Inspection.


We’ve spent years in the certification and inspection market as suppliers of workflow and compliance software for the complete process chain.

We develop one-stop-shop solutions for a reason; otherwise it would be impossible to properly perform the right actions in a cost effective manner.

Looking at the certification and inspection market we saw exactly the same: there are nice point solutions for parts of the process but one great overall solution for the end-to-end process was not available….

So we developed it.

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